Founded by three cousins, Concura (meaning with care) is a story of heritage, tradition, custom, culture, passion… And Primitivo!

is the beautiful wine region of Southern Italy, with 20,000 square kilometers of Mediterranean coastline and sun-blessed countryside.  It is a crossroad of people and cultures that over the centuries have settled in a unique area to shape a millennial history made of love for the land, hard work and joy of life. In Puglia, even the smallest strip of land talks about itself, its past and its history, a tale of rock, of men and women, red soil, ancient trees.

Concura Wines come from this mix of cultures and history, the beautiful vineyards of Salento and a sincere love of three women for their land.  For generations, two families of vinegrowers have been linked to the same vineyards, passing on secrets and knowledge, skills and culture.

Since 2011, the sense of respect, love and warmth live on in the winery founded by Maria Covallo, Elise Clerfeuille and Francesca Covallo.  Concura was born to preserve the past and to make their dream to express the full potential of this land, producing wines from native vine-varieties, in the heart of the d.o.c. Primitivo di Manduria, come true.

The translation of “Concura” is “with care” or in the case of these beautiful wines “careful selection” and “Fasi” translates to the moon phases (for centuries over ancient Puglia).