Lo Nuevo (“The New”) refers to modern Spanish wines.  These are wines that reflect the cultural life of modern Spain, its art and architecture, film and theater, fashion, music and a vibrant social scene that’s built around wine and food and nightlife.  Wines that express passionate personal vision and courageous creative freedom.  Wines crafted in a style that reflects the modern renaissance in Spain’s wine industry; it’s about freedom of expression, new styles and methods of production…and discovery!

Historically, Spanish design has embraced a valiant willingness to experiment and courage to be bold, that is embodied in the haute couture of Balenciaga, the Guggenheim at Bilbao, the films of Pedro Almodovar, the paintings of Velazquez, Picasso and Dali and the seductive flavors of Chefs Ferran Adriá and José Andrés.

Inspired by these artistic principles, our compelling Lo Nuevo floral label images capture, with bold design and sensuous color, the essence of the wines – the crisp and delicate flavors of our Albariño and the rich, velvety, perfumed flavors of our Garnacha.

Lo Nuevo  “The New” –
Bold, Rich, Contemporary, Dynamic, Seductive