2010 Red Wine

if you see kay is another innovative offering from visionary winemaker Jayson Woodbridge and partner Chris Radomski. A bold, concentrated, yet elegant wine, if you see kay exudes assertive aromas of deep, dark berry, and cherry that lead to a seductive, velvety dark fruit core accented with sweet oak, toast, and a touch of acidity. This stunning wine has rich, fruity California attributes, married to a distinctive Italian flair with rich texture and minerality.

The wine’s wonderfully expressive flavor profile sustains the rebel-like imagery of the label. Ultimately, whether one explores the image, winemaking philosophy or the wine itself, if you see kay is about freedom, and dispensing with conventional thinking and boundaries. Enjoy the ride!

2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

Rated 98+ Points

“From the Howell Mountain ARK Vineyard (usually 1,300 to 1,400 cases produced in a normal year), the 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon Arc Vineyard could be a candidate for perfection when it hits full maturity in 7-8 years. However, I wouldn’t hesitate to drink it now given the sweetness of the tannin and the abundance of the ripe, concentrated, delicious fruit. The nose exhibits classic aromas of mulberries, graphite, licorice, forest floor, black currants and blackberries. This is a broad, full throttle, multilevel, sensational wine”  Robert Parker, Wine Advocate

A note from Winemaker and Proprietor:

The single estate vineyard ARK is located just outside St. Helena, California, at the base of Howell Mountain. It was originally planted in the 1880’s, but was sadly lost to Prohibition. It took us five years to rebuild; she is our pride and joy.  The ARK is comprised of nine different blocks of Cabernet Sauvignon, planted meter by meter in nine different volcanic soil strata. The vineyard stretches through a sixty million year time sequence; three ancient beach fronts, a prehistoric weapons quarry, and spans a 180 degree arc of the sun over its half-mile length.

Hot afternoon sun known to damage aromatics in the fruit (on the hottest days), is blocked by the shade of Glass Mountain (named for the rare obsidian rock found in the soil and used for ancient weapons such as arrowheads) which rises to the western side of the ARK.  As with all of our vineyards, we pick only when the fruit is perfectly ripe; this doesn’t always happen at once. It is common for us to make multiple passes through the vineyard, picking different clusters from the same vines as they reach perfect maturity. This attention to detail is critical to making a wine the caliber of Hundred Acre.   – Jayson Woodbridge


2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

Rated 97 Points

“The 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon Kayli Morgan (only 25% of the normal production or 250 cases were made) offers a remarkable suppleness and velvety character to the tannins. Despite being 100% Cabernet Sauvignon you would almost swear this was a Merlot-based wine from one of the finest vineyards in Pomerol given its lusciousness and appeal. This spectacular 2010 possesses abundant creamy creme de cassis notes intermixed with notions of mulberries and spicy oak and a broad, expansive, savory appeal with decent acidity as well as ripe tannin. As in nearly every vintage, this 2010 can be drunk early yet has the uncanny intensity and overall harmony to age effortlessly. We still don’t know how long this wine will last since the first vintage was only in 2000, which was not one of Napa’s greatest years. The 2010 should hold up for at least 20-30 years.”                              -Robert Parker Wine Advocate

A note from the Winemaker and Proprietor:

Kayli Morgan is where it all started. In August of 2000, I paid the highest price to date ever paid for planted vineyard land in Napa Valley. After examining the vineyard over a week’s time, I knew I had to own it and that it would make one of the world’s greatest wines. Six weeks later we harvested the first vintage of Hundred Acre, and in a year that was panned by the press, I made one of the highest scoring wines of the vintage…the rest is history.

The Kayli Morgan Vineyard is located just north of Saint Helena, California at the base of Howell Mountain. The soils are a chocolaty clay; holding moisture to keep the vines cool. As summer progresses, the ground forms micro-cracks, allowing the roots to seek water deeper and deeper into the earth; as they do, they pick up minerals that give Kayli Morgan its distinctive characteristics. Kayli Morgan is a single estate vineyard and 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.   – Jayson Woodbridge