“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Amor Fati was founded by Rob and Nancy Murray in 2011.  Rob is a long-time grower in California selling grapes to some of the most well-known wineries in California. Amor Fati wines creates Central Coast flavors with edgy and historical labels. Amor Fati translates in Latin to “The love of one’s fate.”

The Labels
Labels are sketch renditions of William Blake’s 1793 work  “The Marriage Of Heaven and Hell.” Look deep into the symmetrical label to find a naked woman embracing the hand of a mermaid and a small child, all while riding a pink dragon. Drink more to see more.

The Wine
In Santa Maria, harvest dates often push into late November and grape ripening is solely at the discretion of nature. Each year we wait and have faith.

Culty, illusive and beguiling, with extended hang time in the vineyard, these wines explode from the glass. Aggressive and engulfing, yet showcasing restrained balance on the palate; tannins are lush, round, unprecedented.