Color: Garnet-red with orange highlights
Perfume: Violet and dog-rose bouquet with leather and spicy note
Taste: Dry, quite tannic, mouth-filling, demanding velvety and well-balanced
Food match: Grilled meat, game meat, mature cheese, savory meals according with the piedmont traditional food
Wine making: De-stemming, so pressing of the grapes, fermentation and maceration on the skins for approx. 10 days. During the maceration the must is pumped over in the dèlestage way to extract the colour and varietal aromas. After two decantation to eliminate the solid parts come the malolactic fermentation. Then the wine is matured in wooden casks of different status for 24/30 months, with weekly topping-up, tastings and analyses to make sure the wine is developing correctly
Temperature of service: 18 – 22 ° C
Ageing: Depending on the vintage, Barolo can be kept for several decades; store bottles lying down in a dark, damp-free environment at cool temperature. It can be at its top 7 years after vintage
Conservation: Cold storage in fresh wine cellars